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Car paints are mostly used for auto body repair

Automotive paints are principally used for auto body repair. And it's identified that almost all paints are solvent based. However the truth that solvents can escape into the air signifies that they also contribute to air pollution. In reality, the majority of such organic solvents impose great injury to the environment.

And today, greater air high quality standards demand the use of water-based mostly paint for auto body restore uses. This demand will quickly be a standard.

About couple of years in the past, two of California's largest air high quality administration districts imposed emissions regulations and required using water primarily based paints. And as anticipated, this development instigated new legislations that aim the discount of dangerous emissions from the automotive ending and refinishing sectors, no less than in California.

The average Automobile price tag or MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price)

The average Car price tag or MSRP (Manufactures Steered Retail Worth) as we speak is way greater than ever before. In 1989 any automotive over $12,500 was thought of by the IRS to be a luxury automobile. A financed automobile on the selling price of $10,000 and a median rate of interest of 10% , in that day and time, for a time period of forty eight mos. was $250 per month. With the ever growing price ticket of new and pre-owned automobiles today. The common individual financing a automotive at 7% curiosity can't afford to finance these excessive ticket items. And with inflation of the all mighty dollar surpassing the depreciation of these belongings, they have to and must lease. The typical worth MSRP as we speak is over $20,000++ with a 48mo term retail finance payment rising over $500 per month. It's acknowledged throughout Trade and Economic articles, that almost 50% of all vehicles today with a price ticket of over $25,000 are leased and throughout the near future with the rising price of expertise to build larger, better, faster and while trying to meet authorities and the economical needs of motorist, the value tags for cars will soar beyond our imagination.

Car price tag or MSRP

In 1978 Mercedes Benz's new 450SL had a Window Sticker over $20,000 and most people stood back in shock and mentioned "who of their proper mind will ever pay that much for a car"? Even right this moment vehicles "Sticker Shock" folks greater than ever before. The brand new 2006 Mercedes Benz SL500 can have an average MSRP of $138,000. A new, totally loaded, Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 4x4 has an MSRP of over $50,000. That same truck price $28,000 only a few years back. The worth has nearly doubled in much less then a decade. The marketplace for leasing on this State and across this County is most definitely right here to stay.

Car coloration developments - Trends, Tips and Myths 2013

In the evolving world of automotive options, people look forward to the most recent designs, digital devices and gas-saving systems. But, automotive colours change just as dramatically with time. Automotive manufacturers are continuously working to give you unique paint colours, normally three years forward of time. These colorful variations are backed by research, science and inventive influence.

Study extra about what goes into creating new car paint colors and which colours are most popular.

Car coloration developments

Auto industry specialists have established an general trend in automotive colors: Consumers tend to buy vehicles in muted, conservative colors like black, white and silver throughout economically powerful times. This may be as a result of neutral- automobile colours are perceived as simpler to re-promote, plus they convey a more somber, frugal attitude. When financial occasions are higher, you're likely to see extra vibrant hues together with yellows, oranges and vibrant reds.

In line with the annual DuPont Global Automotive Shade Popularity Report, silver is the most well-liked automotive color on this planet, and has been for many years. Drilling down into particular areas, white takes the highest spot in North America whereas black dominates in Europe. Nevertheless, DuPont has seen a recent North American development: solely 17.8% of vehicles had been white in 2009 (compared to 31% in 2003). In the meantime, black has been steadily gaining in reputation during this time.

Here is a take a look at the latest rankings of common automobile colors:

1. Silver: 25%
2. Black: 23%
3. White: 16%
4. Grey: 13%
5. Blue: 9%
6. Crimson: eight%
7. Brown/Beige: 4%
8. Green: 1%
9. Yellow/Gold: 1%
10. Others: <1%

With these statistics in mind, automotive producers mostly adhere to the popular automobile colors whereas dipping frivolously into a palette of daring hues like blue, orange, pink and the occasional lime inexperienced or yellow. Regardless of current financial situations, you will generally spot one or two sporty, bright yellow vehicles when a brand new line comes out.

Advances in car paint colors

New techniques involving artistic pigmentation are respiration new life into established colors. For example, normal grays and beiges are being augmented to look bolder and more dynamic. Particular pigments are included that mirror light in numerous ways so the automotive may appear to shimmer or change colour as it moves down the road. With white being so common in North America, the advent of "white pearl" has made it a more interesting and warmer color. To attain this pearlescent sheen, manufacturers add a 3rd layer of paint to the normal two.

Understanding the popularity of certain car colors
When you look closer at the trends DuPont has charted over the years, there are some general conclusions industry experts have drawn about the top car colors:
  • Silver continues to be popular because of its clean, sharp look and the fact that it shows little dirt. It is used frequently when automakers reveal concept cars and new models because it appears futuristic and cutting-edge. However, silver can be hard to see in rain and snow storms, prompting silver fans to opt for gray instead.
  • Black is a popular vehicle color because of its perceived elegance. Just like wearing black tie or dress to an event, a black car looks a little more polished and refined. However, dust and body imperfections like scratches and dents can be easily seen on the finish, making a black car harder to keep clean.
  • White remains popular because it's easy to keep clean and has a fresh appearance. Some industry watchers also point to the fact that more cars, including inexpensive ones, are available in white.
Car colors are almost limitless in their availability and can present their own set of unique trends. For example, dark blue is perceived to be luxurious and is often used on high-end sedans. Bright blue is often used on sub-compact cars aimed at young people because it is more informal and recreational. And, ice blue is popular on hybrids and electric cars because it's perceived as crisp and fresh and is associated with water, which is clean and natural.The evolution of vehicle color names
Color names continue to evolve and become more evocative. As manufacturers invent more variations of car colors, they need names to differentiate their subtle differences. More names are being drawn from nature, popular cities, buildings and even the periodic table of elements. For example, you may choose Red Rock Crystal Pearl if you love the Southwest, Capri Blue if you long for the Mediterranean, or Palladium Silver or Carbon Black Metallic if you excelled in chemistry class.
Car paint colors and car insurance coverage
Contrary to popular belief, there is no correlation between car paint colors and speeding tickets, theft or insurance premiums. No matter what color or model you drive, be sure to get the appropriate car insurance coverage. For great rates and superior coverage, consider getting a quote from an auto insurance company such as Nationwide.

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People & achievements in the greater Ann Arbor area, including Dickinson Wright and the Kathy Toth and Team - Keller Williams


Jordan Schreier

From new hires and promotions to industry awards, here’s a roundup of achievements by businesses and individuals in the greater Ann Arbor area:

• Attorney Jordan Schreier has joined the Ann Arbor office of Dickinson Wright PLLC as a member. Schreier’s practice primarily involves advising for-profit and nonprofit employers on planning and compliance issues involving all aspects of employee benefits.

• Kathy Toth and Team Realtors announced the addition of a new member, John Price, to the Ann Arbor team. The Toth team is affiliated with Keller Williams Realty.

• Ann Arbor resident Dane Visnick has been admitted to the North Bennet Street School in Boston, where he has begun a two-year training program in cabinet and furniture making. The educational institution is known internationally for its rigorous teaching methods and for its role in promoting the preservation of traditional crafts skills. Visnick is a graduate of Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School and a 2012 graduate of Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

Advanced Photonix, an Ann Arbor-based supplier of optoelectronic components and systems, has acquired optoelectric assets from Silonex Inc, based in Montreal. To facilitate this transaction, Advanced Photonix established a new Canadian subsidiary that will be called Advanced Photonix Canada, Inc.

ProQuest, based in Ann Arbor, and OCLC, headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, are launching a data exchange program that will allow library users access to OCLC's WorldCat Local service, ProQuest's Summon service, the full-text of ProQuest Central and ebrary e-books. ProQuest Central is a multidisciplinary, full-text database, while WorldCat is the world's largest database of bibliographic information.

• A new $7.5 million fund called the U-M M-TRAC for Life Sciences will help University of Michigan medical discoveries move from the laboratory to the market. Funded in part by a new $2.4 million grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. 21st Century Jobs Fund, the new effort will help the U-M Medical School and U-M Tech Transfer "fast forward" medical research projects with a high potential of commercial success. Over the next three years, U-M medical researchers will be able to apply for translational research funds to help them pursue early-stage "proof of concept" projects with high commercial potential and value.

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For $5,500, Keep This Beetle Weird

The mantra of a certain eclectic Texas town is to keep Austin weird. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 1970 Bug is Austin-located, and with a Mazda 13B is kind of weirdly wonderful. Hopefully for its seller, the price won’t weird you out.

Around here, two grand for a working car is usually considered a deal. Add to its being a runner the fact that yesterday’s 1985 Honda Civic Wagon was also set up for some serious ground clearance and you get a slam dunk 83% Nice Price win.

You might remember Monday’s Texas-resident SEAT - a car that was atypical of everything for which the Lone Star State stands. Today’s Austin-based 1970 Wankel-powered VW Bug not only seems as eclectic as its home town, but also proudly lets its state’s freak flag fly on its door.

Switching a car from air-cooled to water is no mean feat. Add to that the need to keep the engine in the caboose, and the radiator somewhere where the air flows and that means you’d typically be laying more pipe than Ron Jeremy.

The builder of this ’70 Bug has done just that, tossing out the original VW flat four for a hummeriffic 13b from an ’85 RX7. That motor, while stock, is said to be freshly rebuilt, and is cooled via an aluminum radiator up in the front where the Bug's spare tire normally lives.

Other notable mechanical features are the Megasquirt ECU, Gene Berg short throw, new steering and suspension bits, and the wise choice of stainless steel for both cooling and exhaust.

It also should be noted that this Beetle has been fitted with disc brakes all the way around. Original Bug brakes are about as effective for stopping as is trying to put out a fire by farting on it. With the added poop the 13b provides the better clampers are a prudent measure.

Visually. . . well, it’s kind of a clapped out Beetle. There’s some rust on the running boards, and the car seems to be at least three shades of old man underwear in various places. There is that flag on the door, and if that’s not eclectic enough, there’s a big-ass tach sitting just ahead of the windscreen - on the outside - ala Pontiac’s Judge.

More gauges take the radio’s place in the flat dash, and ahead of that is one of those steering wheels you might find on a forklift or carny ride. Looking somewhat incongruous, facing that are a pair of Subaru WRX thrones.

While many aficionados prefer the earliest cars - split windows and the like - should you want to have a Beetle and “do things to it” then you can’t do better than picking one of the post-‘68 models as they come with 12 volt electrics and fully articulating IRS as opposed to swing axles in the back. This ‘70 is a good base for all the mods made, as it enjoys those updates, and it’s one that no one in particular will ever lament for lack of originality.

The question for you now is whether or not anyone would truly lament paying the seller’s $5,500 asking price for the honor of taking over ownership of this 13beetle. What do you think, is that a reasonable price to pick up this Texas two door? Or, is that price too high to apex seal the deal?

You decide!

Austin Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to ninjacoco for the hookup!

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For $2,000, Are This Civic’s BFGs A BFD?

Top Gear is presently in the middle of a cracking two-parter about the lads traversing Africa in three estates they bought for 1500 quid each. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Civic Wagon is even less than that, but do you think it’s worth it to try and catch up with Jezza, Captain Slow and the Hamster?

Quick, when you think of Texas, what’s the first thing that pops into mind? Shiner Bock? Friday Night Lights? The Alamo? Nope, what jumps to the front of the line when thoughts turn to the Lone Star State are pick-em up trucks, usually Chevies. What doesn't appear on that list however, not even below Democrat or unarmed, is weird little car from Spain.

And while Texans might want to say ignore him, he’s from Barcelona, there was no ignoring the fact that yesterday’s 2005 SEAT Ibiza made its way to the Lone Star state, nor could you turn a blind eye to its incredibly narrow 52% Crack Pipe loss.

Hondas have been coming here legally for decades, even to Texas. This 1985 Civic Wagon 4x4 is a couple of states over in Arizona, but with its 3" lift it looks ready to search for the source of the Rio Grande. Hint, it’s Canby Mountain in the Colorado Rockies.

The third generation Civic was the second to offer a wagon bodystyle here in the States, but unlike the previous model’s traditional longroof appearance, it went for a high-roof, uber hatch look. Variously named the Wagovan, Wagon, or Shuttle, it mirrored the competing Toyota Tercel in having an over-sized third light, and offering part-time 4-wheel drive.

This one is claimed to do daily driver duty despite the likely road noise generated from its massive BFG meats. The seller claims that it runs and drives just great, and that with the 6-speed transmission - 5 plus a granny gear for when the shit gets real - it can still manage 30 highway.

Visually the car looks to be in decent shape, not having succummed to the tin worm as have many of the breed. There is a rather sizable dent on the bottom of the driver’s door, but that’s better than having an inconsiderate Englishman take a pair of snips to it. Plus, chicks dig scars.

They might also like the big tires and enhanced ride height, as do I, but one thing that may be concerning is the 1” spacers that keep those gnarly gumballs from saying how do you do to the inner fenders. The only other mechanical issues noted in the ad and that might affect valuation are torn inner axle boots. The seller says he’s including a set of rebuilts along with the sale, so at least only labor would be a concern should the current ones go belly up.

He’s also throwing in a new clutch, catalytic convertor, resonator, carb rebuild kit and the original wheels as well. It’s a good thing this Civic is a wagon as you might not be able to fit such a spare part bounty in anything smaller.

The Top Gear team never have to spend their own money on any of the cars they buy for their various challenges, but that’s not a luxury typically afforded the rest of us. Someone out there will likely want to buy this cool Tonka Toy of an old Civic wagon, and to do so they’ll need to come up with $2,000 in trade.

Your challenge is to determine if this 4x4 Civic Wagon seems worth that kind of change. What do you think, is this Rock and Rolla' Honda worth $2,000? Or, is this a bruiser that’s cruisin’ for a losin’?

You decide!

Phoenix Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears

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LaFerrari: Is This It?

We've heard the new Ferrari Enzo replacement, which we've been calling the Ferrari F150, may be called the LaFerrari. That's not a joke. This image above cropped up and, while it may be a render, people are calling it a very accurate image of the car. Oh, and we've got real stats (we think). Power. Speed. The whole LaEnchilada.

Let's start with the image, which looks good, even if it isn't real. If you take FerrariChat's word, then the people who claim to have seen it seem to think it's accurate. So, alas, with just a few hours to go here's an image of something that seems to match what's under the sheet.

And then there's a spec board next to the car from Harry Metcalfe of EVO, which shows all sorts of interesting things. There's a 6.3-liter V12 mated to an electric motor producing what looks like 789 horsepower (800 CV) @9000 RPM and 516 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 RPM. The HY-KERS system provides an additional 160 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque.

In total that's around 950 horsepower and 716 lb-ft of torque.

All that equals a 0-62 mph time of less than three seconds with a top speed of 217 mph if real.

There's much up in the air, but if this is the LaFerrari its specs are significantly more impressive than its name.

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